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Trusted Clean Powerhead Carpet Scrubbing & Cleaning Package w/ Different Hand Tools

SKU: CPT-PACKAGE5    Brand:Trusted Clean
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Trusted Clean Ultimate Heated Commercial Carpet Extractor w/ Wand & Hose
Trusted Clean 'Ultimate' Heated Carpet Cleaning Box Extractor w/ 12" Wand & 25' Hose
In Stock
Trusted Clean Carpet Scrubbing Powerhead Attachment for Carpet Extractors
Trusted Clean 12" Carpet Scrubbing Powerhead Attachment for Extractors
In Stock
CleanFreak Lightweight Air Mover Fan
CleanFreak® Lightweight Air Mover Fan (1/2 HP) - 2,800 CFM
In Stock
Dual Jet Stainless Steel Mini Stair Wand (#1035-110015FB)
Trusted Clean 10" S-Bend Carpet Cleaning Mini Wand for Stairs (0 - 1000 PSI) - 2 Jets
Temporarily On Backorder
(Estimated Ship Date 1 – 3 wks)
Carpet Cleaning Box Extractor Pre-Spray Extraction Wand
25' Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray Extraction Wand
In Stock
Stair Cleaning Handheld Attachment
4" Stainless Steel Stair Cleaning Hand Tool
In Stock
Upholstery Tool with Contained Spray Chamber for 0 Drips
3.5" Upholstery Tool w/ Fully Enclosed Spray Chamber
In Stock
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Product Description

This carpet cleaning package is one of the most comprehensive bundles on the market today. It comes with a heated carpet extractor, external carpet scrubbing powerhead, and several additional tools to help expedite the process of professional carpet cleaning. This is an outstanding package for the start up contract cleaner, as it is extremely portable and durable! Please feel free to take a look at at our full line of carpet cleaning packages if this is not exactly what you're looking for.

The 100 PSI heated carpet extractor has a large 12 gallon solution tank for efficient cleaning. It comes equipped with two power cords, one for the heater, and one for the general use of the machine. The powerhead also has its own cord, so when running the machine, heater and powerhead, you could potentially have 3 cords running at the same time.

The heater pulls 14.2 amps and the machine pulls 13.5 amps. Those should be run on separate circuits, but the powerhead can run off of the same circuit as the general use of the machine, as the power head only pulls 1.0 amps. Besides the powerhead, we also include all the attachments you could possibly need, along with an air mover for drying large areas of carpeting once they've been cleaned.

Package Includes

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Quick Overview

  • 1 heated 12 gallon carpet extractor w/ 12" wand & 25' hose
  • 1 carpet scrubbing powerhead
  • 1 speed air mover (3 speed)
  • 1 S-bend 10" stand up wand
  • 1 pre-spray wand w/ 25' solution hose
  • 1 stair cleaning 4" hand tool
  • 1 handheld upholstery cleaning tool - FREE

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Medical office cleaning

smell good
pleasant surprise

Worth every penny I spent.


This heated carpet cleaning machine is actually our most versatile heated extractors that we have to offer. It can be used with or without the external heater, depending on your extenuating circumstances.

Product Information + Specs

Trusted Clean
Manufacturer Sku
Product Type
Carpet Extractors
Associated ERP Sku
TPL-12-100-CE-HEAT-TCP - Carpet Extractor w/ 12" Wand & 25' Vac Hose
TPL-PH12-3PG - Carpet Scrubbing Powerhead Attachment
2800-AM-CF - Air Mover
EDI-1035-110015FB - Stand Up Stair Wand
EDI-323ACH - Pre-Spray Wand
EDI-1021-1/8K2FB - Handheld Stair Tool
EDI-321ACH - Upholstery Tool