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Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' Cord Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber w/ Brush (Refurbished)

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Product Description

This unit was used and returned to us with very little usage. It has been refurbished and tested to make sure it works like new. The unit does not include the original packaging and comes in a custom-built crate. It may have some slight nicks and scratches. Overall, the machine is still in very good condition and comes with a new machine warranty.

The Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' is an insanely rugged and durable electric powered automatic floor scrubber. We have so much confidence in the reliability of this machine that we back it with a 5 year warranty on all non-wear items and motors. This is by far the best warranty in the industry.

The 'Dura 18HD' is an extremely efficient and easy to use cord electric auto scrubber. It comes with a brush (pad holder sold separately), and a splash skirt to keep the dirty solution contained with the scrub head for no splashing or overspray. A high end squeegee assembly follows behind the machine to recover all of that dirty solution and leave the floor dry to the touch.

We truly believe this is the best auto scrubber on the market for the money. It features an 18 inch pad/brush assist scrub head that effortlessly pulls the machine along for easy scrubbing. A 9 gallon solution tank provides a ton of solution for cleaning medium sized areas. With a max efficiency rating of 15,000 ft²/hr., this floor scrubber is great for gymnasiums, supermarkets, convenience stores, warehouses and more.

For rubber floors and other high friction areas, we suggest picking up specialized accessories to safe guard your machine against damage. High friction floors can cause high amperage draw on your brush motor, causing the motor to prematurely fail. To prevent this, please pick up a soft nylon scrubbing brush, which is softer than the one included with the machine. We also recommend picking up a pair of polyurethane front and rear squeegees which will work better at recovering water on these types of rough floors.

For even more options, including larger and smaller machines, please feel free to check out our full line of automatic walk behind scrubbers. We're sure to have something that fits your specific needs. If you're unsure what you need, please give one of our cleaning experts a call at 888.722.5508 for a personalized recommendation.

Five Year Warranty

Please Note: This warranty does not include any wear items like brushes, pad drivers, batteries, hoses, squeegees and/or switches. All no charge replacement parts are shipped out to you UPS ground for free.

Dura 17 Automatic Scrubber Floor Cleaning KitAre you looking to buy this electric auto scrubber with all of the potential attachments, accessories and chemicals it could possibly come with? Well look no further, as we've got you covered with the 'Dura 18HD' auto scrubber bundle. It comes with every possible accessory (red pads & a brush) to clean any type of flooring, including rough concrete, and finished vinyl tile. 5 cases (10 gallons) of a low foaming degreaser are included for use on a variety of surfaces. A case (4 gallons) of a defoamer is included to help keep the foam down in your recovery tank and out of your vacuum recovery motor, as well as extending the life of your machine! An extra front and rear set of squeegee blades are also included for easy replacement after the 1st pair wears out.All in all, a terrific value as we throw in the 5 cases of red pads for FREE!


  • Easy to use control panel makes scrubbing floors easy and painless.
  • An 82' power cord allows for continuous cleaning - Never worry about running out of battery power again.
  • Follow behind squeegee system leaves floors dry to the touch after passing over them.
  • Pad/brush assist drive keeps operator effort to a minimum while cleaning floors with this auto scrubber.
  • Filter assembly and an intuitive float shut-off protects your vacuum motor for extended life.
  • 5 year warranty is the best in the industry.

Quick Overview

  • Condition: Used / Refurbished
  • Nylon brush included
  • 18" electric auto scrubber
  • 9 gallon solution / 10 gallon recovery
  • 82' safety yellow power cord
  • 5 year warranty

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Product Information + Specs

Trusted Clean
Trusted Clean
Manufacturer Sku
Brush Motor
3/4 HP
Brush/Pad Pressure
55 lbs.
Brush/Pad Speed
180 RPM
Cleaning Rate Per Hour
15,000 sq. ft.
Cleaning Width
18 inches
45" L x 20" W x 40" H
Drive System
Pad Assist
Electrical Draw
13.5 amps
Electrical Usage
120 V
Noise Level (dB)
70 dBA
Operating Weight
138 lbs.
Power Cord
82' safety yellow
Power Source
Recovery Tank Capacity
10 gallons
Solution Capacity
9 gallons
Squeegee Width
30 inches
Vacuum Motor
5/8 HP
Tanks - 10 years
Parts - 5 years
Labor - 2 years from an authorized service center
Travel - 1 year
Batteries - Pro-rated for 1 year
Water Lift
6" non-skid, non-marking wheels

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