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Isolator Replacement Kit (#SS-142001) for Square Scrub 14" x 20" Oscillating Floor Machines

SKU: SQU-SS-142001    Brand:Square Scrub
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Product Description

If your Square Scrub 14" x 20" oscillating floor machine is vibrating more than usual, you're deck isolators are probably in need of replacement. We recommend replacing your isolators once per year (unless you're a heavy user, then we recommend replacing them every 3 months). This will help keep your Square Scrub machine running efficiently for years to come!

If you need some assistance replacing or removing these isolators, please take a look below for step by step instructions on how to replace them.

This helpful kit can be used with any of the 14" x 20" Square Scrub machines, like the EBG-20C Pivot unit.

Kit Includes

  • 4 isolators
  • 8 screws
  • 1 tube of blue Loctite

Replacement Instructions

  1. Make certain the machine is unplugged.
  2. With your machine upright, use a 5/32” Allen wrench to remove the four bolts holding the “U” shaped handles from the deck of the machine and the weights. (*Please Note: If your machine has removable weights with the star shaped nuts, simply unscrew and remove the weights.)
  3. Remove the four 7/16” nuts that were exposed once the weights were removed.
  4. Once removed, gently tilt the machine backwards onto its handle, exposing the underside of the machine.
  5. Remove the pad from grip face and set aside.
  6. Square Scrub recommends removing the eight 5/32" Allen head bolts from around the center perimeter of the base plate. (*Optional: If the center bolt appears to free of debris, and can be easily removed, feel free to remove it.)
  7. Once all 8 Allen head bolts are removed, the bottom plate can be taken off the machine.
  8. Remove the old isolators with a 3/16" Allen wrench. (*Please Note: Always replace all isolators at the same time.)
  9. Replace all isolators and all isolator bolts. (*Please Note: Never re-use isolator bolts.)
  10. Replace the bottom plate back onto the base of the machine.
  11. (*Please Note: Be careful at this point to carefully line up the isolator bolt with the holes on the base to avoid damaging the bolts.)
  12. Rotate the center bolt clockwise until the threaded bolt holes line up to allow the Allen head bolts to be installed.
  13. Apply a small amount of Blue Loctite to each thread.
  14. Install each Allen head bolt, but do no tighten down until all 8 bolts are inserted.
  15. Once all 8 Allen head bolts are inserted, tighten all bolts evenly until firm.
  16. Place your pad back onto the pad holder and return it to an upright position.
  17. Replace the four 7/16" nuts on the top of the isolator bolts and tighten.
  18. Replace the weight(s) back onto the machine in preparation of replacing the handles.
  19. Replace the handles, spacers and four 5/32" Allen head bolts back into the holes and tighten.

Please Note: We also have the 28" machine replacement isolator kits available, as well as eccentric assemblies. Please call customer service at 1-888-722-5508 for a special quote on these replacement accessories.

Quick Overview

  • Isolator Replacement Kit
  • Use w/ the 20" Square Scrub floor machines

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