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14" x 20" CleanFreak® 'Maroon X' Extreme Heavy-Duty Floor Stripping Pads - Case of 10

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10 Pads per Case
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Product Description

This 14" x 20" rectangular 'Maroon X' floor stripping pad are made for jobs that require extra aggressive stripping and can be used in some of the most demanding stripping and restoration projects. Due to the extremely aggressive nature of these pads, they excel at stripping urethane coats off wood floors. The pads are eco-friendly and can be used wet with water (or a neutral cleaner) or dry for chemical-free removal of floor finishs.

These pads can be used on 14" x 20" orbital machines like our 14" x 20" CleanFreak® dry surface strip oscillating floor machine. Each case comes with 10 pads that are 3/8" thick and constructed with abrasive particles are distributed throughout the synthetic fibers.

'Maroon X' pads created to not be noticeably affected by water or cleaners normally associated with floor stripping and deep cleaning to help prolong the life of each pad. To get the most out of each pad, it is recommended that you rinse the pad after each use to remove accumulated soil, and then hang it to dry. For heavier soil or finish buildup, the pads may be soaked in detergent or diluted stripping solution prior to washing.

For other floor restoration pad and screen options, please take a look at our stripping pads and sand screens for all the different sizes and types we have to offer.

red round floor buffing & spacer pad Very Important: This ⅜" pad MUST be used with the 14" x 20" red spacer pad you see pictured to the left here. If you attach the ⅜" pad alone to the underside of your machine it will damage your floor. The pad driver has many small pins that hold the pad in place. Without enough padding those pins will score your flooring.


  • Great for heavy-duty wood floor refinishing with urethane finishes.
  • Aggressive stripping of coatings from finished floors like VCT, terrazzo & more.
  • Environmentally friendly option for stripping & restoration of floors without the use of chemicals.
  • Can be used wet or dry for aggressive stripping applications & deep scrubs.

Directions for Use

  1. Dust mop or sweep floors prior to stripping.
  2. Attach a 14" x 20" red floor buffing pad to your pad driver as a spacer between the driver & this EcoPrep floor stripping pad.
  3. Use pad dry or wet until soil and finish are removed from floor or desired appearance is achieved.
  4. If using wet, pick up water residue with one of our wet mops, wet vacuums or automatic floor scrubbers.
  5. When using these pads dry, we recommend using a vacuum, dust mop or a dusting sheet like our 'EasyDust' cleaning & dusting Sheets to remove the remaining residue or debris.
  6. Rinse floor and let dry prior to recoating or opening to traffic.

Product Care

  • To prolong the life of each pad, they should be washed out with a pressure spray nozzle after each use.
  • To dissolve heavy soil or finish, the pad may be soaked in detergent or diluted stripping solution prior to washing.

Pad Characteristics

Quick Overview

  • For aggressive wet or dry floor stripping & removal of urethane coats on wood floors
  • 14" x 20" x ⅜" maroon pad
  • 10 strip pads per case
  • For use w/ oscillating floor machines
  • Use with a red spacer pad

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Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Brush/Pad Shape
Country of Manufacture
United States
Pad Dimensions
14 x 20 x 3/8 inches
Product Type
Floor Pads, Bonnets & Sanding Screens

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