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  • Shiny Floor
    December 16, 2022

    Restorative Restroom Floor Cleaning

    When commercial restroom floors are let go too long or have not been attended to properly, restorative maintenance will be required. Restorative restroom floor cleaning can be pretty in-depth depending on several factors. Types of flooring and how long and...

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  • hands in a bathroom
    December 16, 2022

    Above the Floor Restroom Cleaning Tools

    Every trade has its tools and restroom cleaning is no different. Having the proper tools will always make tasks easier, faster and provide better results. So when it comes to above the floor restroom cleaning, such as dusting, wiping and...

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  • Restroom Cleaning Equipment
    February 17, 2016

    Restroom Cleaning Equipment

    When it comes to deep cleaning restrooms, there are several tools that can make the process easier. Before mechanical scrubbers and high pressure cleaning systems, we were pretty much relegated to using a hand brush to deep clean floors and baseboards.
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  • Finding and Fixing Restroom Odors
    February 13, 2016

    Finding and Fixing Restroom Odors

    One of the biggest complaints facilities face is restroom odors. Finding and fixing the source of the odors can be difficult, but with a little knowledge, you can find their source and quickly solve them.
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  • Periodic Detail Restroom Cleaning
    January 26, 2016

    Periodic Detail Restroom Cleaning

    Your plan for maintaining clean restrooms should include periodic cleaning tasks that either take a little more time than daily cleaning or require the restroom to be closed for safety. These detail restroom cleaning tasks include but may not be limited to floor scrubbing, dispenser maintenance and high dusting. Detailed fixture cleaning is another essential task and steam cleaners are ideal for this task.
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  • Daily Restroom Cleaning Is The Key
    January 23, 2016

    Daily Restroom Cleaning Is The Key

    The most important factor in maintaining clean and safe restrooms is daily cleaning. The procedures used every day, no matter how minor, can impact the overall condition of a restroom. Having a solid plan for daily restroom cleaning makes it much easier to provide quality service.
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  • The Importance of Restroom Cleaning
    January 18, 2016

    The Importance of Restroom Cleaning

    Restroom cleanliness says a lot about the organization. Making the choice to provide clean facilities for both customers and employees sends a positive message. A good restroom cleaning program shows a high level of personal concern and detail that reflects the overall attitude of the company.
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  • Keep the Bathroom Smelling Fresh
    March 25, 2013

    Keep the Bathroom Smelling Fresh

    Bathrooms are notorious for being areas of unpleasant odors because of, well, we all know what happens in a bathroom. The question is how to keep the bathroom from smelling like what happens in it. That’s where I come in. Here are a few ways I’ve found to keep those “bathroom smells” from becoming a problem, and they really work.
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