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Tornado® Compressed Air Jumbo Wet/Dry Vacuum - Quad External Filters

SKU: TOR-98451    Brand:Tornado
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Product Description

This Tornado quad air industrial vacuum is packaged standard with a 55 gallon drum, four powerheads, filters, support rods, and a dolly. The 4 powereheads with 2 external jumbo filters make this unit suitable for heavy oils and sludges, as well as shot and slag. This is one of the most powerful portable vacuums available in the industry today. This unit is intended for large manufacturing facilities and heavy industrial plants that can handle the compressed air requirements necessary to run this unit.

Powered by compressed air, all of our external filter wet/dry jumbo air vacuums create waterlift substantially beyond that found in traditional wet/dry vacuums. The units are designed for industrial applications requiring extremely aggressive pick-up power. These Tornado vacuums are primarily for rapid high-volume recovery of wet and dry debris. Available units are a single powerhead model (wet & dry external filter vacuum), dual powerhead model (metal grinding recovery vacuum), and this quad powerhead external filter vacuum. A minimum 50-HP air compressor system is required that can maintain 50 to 75 psi at the vacuum gauge (with the vacuum valve open) for general wet/dry recovery and 75 psi to 100 psi for maximum pick-up power for materials such as heavy liquids, slurry, sludge and heavy debris.

Better yet, the units can recover wet and dry material without the need to stop and change or clean an internal filter. That means minimal stoppages and no more operator guesswork on choosing the right filter for the right application. It should be noted that an air compressor, airline, and line couplings are required for operation and are not available from

For a Tornado jumbo vac system, the priority is power and capacity. Patented Venturi powerheads with incredible water lift are fitted on a 55-gallon steel drum. The drum sits on a four-wheel steel dolly for easy transport. Large external filter and support rods come standard with the unit. A wide selection of optional tools and attachments are available for a variety of applications.

This unit is shipped standard with a 1/4" jet installed in the Venturi powerhead. A 3/16" and 7/32" jet is supplied in the unit and can be installed by the user. These smaller jets are used to decrease performance for the recovery of lighter materials. The smallest air jet possible to do the job is strongly recommended to conserve plant air. This Tornado vacuum is rated as excellent in recovering the following the liquids, and each recommended jet size follows the liquid in parentheses.

Recoverable Materials

  • Heavy oils (7/32")
  • Iron dust / chips (1/4")
  • Pellet recovery (3/16")
  • Sand blasting recovery (1/4")
  • Shot blast (1/4")
  • Slag & scale (1/4")
  • Sludge (1/4")

Required for Operation

  • Recommended Air Compressor - Minimum of 50 HP
  • Recommended Airline - 1" diameter
  • Recommended Line Couplings - Straight-Thru
  • Recommended Airline PSI for Light Debris - 50-75
  • Recommended Airline PSI for Heavy Debris - 75-100

Quick Overview

  • Appropriate for heavy oils, sludge, iron dust and chips, sand blasting recovery, pellet recovery, shot blast, slag and scale
  • Powered by compressed air

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Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Airflow (CFM)
Black / Yellow
Container Capacity
55 Gallons
Poly External Filters - 2
Filter Area - 3748 sq. in.
Product Type
Industrial Vacuums
Venturi Powerheads - Four
Horizontal Reach - 100 ft.
Vertical Lift - 50 ft.
2 years on parts & 1 year on labor from an authorized service center
Water Lift

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