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IPC Eagle CT5 Mini Floor Scrubber - 1.3 Gallons (Slightly Used)

SKU: EAG-CT5-DEMO    Brand:IPC Eagle
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Product Description

This scrubber was used as our showroom / demo model. The machine & battery have very few hours on them & both are like new. The scrubber will come in its original packaging, but may have some nicks & scratches. It comes backed by a new machine warranty.

The IPC Eagle CT5 floor scrubber is one of the smallest floor scrubbers we sell at With a scrubbing path of just 11 inches, this mini floor scrubber's strengths are found in its size and lightness. The unit weighs only 44 pounds when empty (including brush and battery) and can be folded and stored into a tight storage space (like under sinks, or in a cabinet) in seconds. The small stature of the scrubber makes it great for small rooms like restrooms or kitchens and can be pulled out and filled in seconds to clean up spills. The short head also makes it great for reaching under tables, chairs, stalls, and more.

Despite being small, you can clean up to 6,300 square feet in an hour and scrub for 50 minutes before needing to recharge. The Lithium-Ion battery can charge onboard or externally with the included charger and can be charged within an hour. The handlebar is adjustable to fit the height of the user and can be folded for easy storage. The CT5 is a simple machine to learn and operate thanks to a simple control panel and yellow maintenance touch points.

The 1.3 gallons solution tank is removable and can be easily filled/dumped in a sink. The CT5 can dry in both forward and reverse, enabling this scrubber to dry areas that other scrubbers cannot reach. The machine is self-leveling and adjusts to any surface to provide the optimal surface area during scrubbing with the included brush.


  • Includes an 11" brush, Lithium-Ion battery, and charger
  • Scrubber can clean up to 6,300 square feet an hour and can run up to 50 minutes on a charge.
  • Maneuverable and compact in size at only 44 lbs. Can be easily stored, transported or parked into any space within seconds.
  • 1.3 gallon tank can be filled or emptied in smaller areas like a sink without the need for a hose.
  • Scrubber can dry in forward or in reverse allowing it to dry in areas that other scrubbers can't.
  • The Self-Leveling System and Central Flow System keeps the brush level and the solution evenly distributed on the floor for great results.
  • Eco Select works to decrease energy consumption and increase run times by 20% in everyday cleaning.

Quick Overview

  • Condition: Slightly Used
  • Brush, batteries & charger included
  • 11" battery auto scrubber
  • 1.3 gallon solution tank
  • 50 hour run time

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Product Information + Specs

IPC Eagle
Manufacturer Sku
Cleaning Rate Per Hour
6,300 sq. ft.
Drive System
Brush Assisted
Electrical Usage
36 V-Ah
Brush, battery and charger
Max Speed
1.9 MPH
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Power Source
Run Time
50 minutes
Solution Capacity
1.3 gallons
Tanks - 10 years
Motors & Pumps - 3 years
Parts - 1 year
Labor - 1 year from an authorized service center
Batteries - Prorated for 1 year
Travel - 90 days from an authorized service center

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