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Rubbermaid® Brute® 32 Gallon Blue Vented Round Recycling Container (#FG263273BLUE) - Case of 6

SKU: RCP-FG263273BLUE    Brand:Rubbermaid
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Rubbermaid® Brute® 32 Gallon Vented Round Recycling Container (#FG263273BLUE) - Blue
Rubbermaid® Brute® 32 Gallon Vented Round Recycling Container (#FG263273BLUE) - Blue
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Product Description

When purchasing this Rubbermaid Brute 32 gallon aluminum can recycling container, we strongly recommend also purchasing the round 'cans only' recycling lid listed below. The lid snaps onto the container and with an opening that only allows cans to be placed and recycled in this bin. This bin can also be used for recycling other items such as plastic pop bottles and paper, but with the lid, it is the perfect recycling container for aluminum cans. The 32 gallon container can be lined with a 33 gallon or 40-45 gallon low density garbage bags for easy removal. The smooth plastic allows for easy rinsing as well as quick dry time for immediate use.

For more recycling and trash disposal options, please take a look at our full line of trash cans and recycling bins.

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Quick Overview

  • 32 gallon recycling bin
  • Case of 6 bins

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Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Country of Manufacture
United States
22" W x 26" L x 27.25" T
Product Type
Waste Management