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60 Amp Bridge Rectifier for a 1.5 HP Imperial Motor (#B13756) for High Speed Burnishers

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60 Amp Bridge Rectifier for 1.5 HP Imperial Motor
60 Amp Bridge Rectifier for 1.5 HP Imperial Motor
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Product Description

This 60 amp bridge rectifier fits most floor burnisher motors. It is made specifically for Imperial motors that are rated at 1.5 horsepower. If you are consistently replacing this rectifier on your burnisher, you should first take a look at our floor burnishing procedures. The most common problem we have found is when the burnisher is started on the floor instead of starting it in a leaned back position, and then slowly lowering the head onto the floor. When starting the machine on the floor, you are creating a ton of drag which pulls more electricity through this rectifier. Over time this will overload and weaken the rectifier, effectively burning it our. Starting the machine while it is tilted back, and then lowering it onto the floor will lessen the load put on the rectifier, effectively lengthening its life span.

For more repair parts, please take a look at our full line of floor buffer & burnisher parts, which can be found in our parts department.

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  • Fits most floor burnisher motors

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When I ordered this part they said it would come with a package of dielectric grease, it did not ! I would not have used said grease in the installation of this part, I am not saying it will not work, I just would not use it... instead of dielectric grease I always use a thermal transfer compound when installing new rectifiers... you can get this compound at any auto parts store. Now then for my complaint, if I am supposed to receive a product and I do not receive it I am not going to be satisfied!!! Also, if you need it in a hurry this shipment took 10 days to receive.

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