Ice Melt

Winter can bring some challenging problems to maintenance personnel because sand and salt/ice melt can wreak havoc on floors and rugs/carpets. Ice melt is a high alkaline product and the white film or residue it leaves behind is basically the same product in powder form. When left on floors and carpets it can deteriorate the various finishes/fibers, and sometimes the floor itself, causing them to discolor or "turn brown". It can also destroy softer finishes and erode the surface causing early strip-out and refinishing. When promptly removed with the proper solution, such as our Film Off, and a floor scrubber such as our CleanFreak Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber, or a carpet extractor such as our 100 PSI Carpet Cleaning Extractor you can prevent most of these issues and save time and money by not having to refinish the floors prematurely.

And remember, always make sure you sweep or vacuum before starting the cleaning process.

You can learn more about proper floor scrubbing techniques, by following ourScrubbing with an Auto Scrubber procedures.