Winter Floor Care

Once again Winter is nipping at our heels and with that comes the snow and slush getting tracked in on our carpets and floors. It seems like we are constantly cleaning and mopping the floors to keep them safe and dry. Another way to help stay on top of this is by using an air mover such as our 2800 CFM Air Mover or our1600 CFM Air Mover to keep floors dry and prevent slips and falls. When you're dealing with carpet you should vacuum often to remove the salt and ice melt, and when you notice a white film on the carpets it is time to clean the carpets with an extractor such as our CleanFreak® Non-Heated Extractor or for spot cleaning or small areas try our CleanFreak® Carpet Spotter and use our Trusted Clean Film Offto remove the salt residue.

When you are finished cleaning the carpet remember to use an air mover such as the ones listed above to dry the carpet as quickly as possible so as to prevent mold and mildew under the carpet and to dry the carpet to prevent dirt from being "washed" from shoes by the wet carpet.