Winter Floor Care Tips

As winter approaches, it’s important to have a winter floor care plan in place for your facilities. Winter is the most costly season for floor maintenance due to the mix of dirt, slush, ice and snow that is tracked into buildings. Ice melt residue creates even more damage, severely wearing down flooring.

Get Your Shine On!

1. If ice melting compounds are damaging and dulling your flooring, products such as our Trusted Clean ‘Film Off’ can restore colors and neutralize the floor surface removing that ugly white haze.

2. Winter sand and soil is the enemy of shiny floors since it can scratch and grind floor finish. Be sure to vacuum and sweep often to remove dry dirt.

3. Make sure you’ve added extra matting to entryways. This will help to keep some of the mess tracked in from being spread to other areas of the building. You should make sure to wet vacuum matting often, so moisture and salt doesn’t get trapped below the mat causing foul odors.

4. Since labor is 90% of the cost of floor maintenance, you can save on labor by using the right products and sticking to your winter floor care plan. This will also extend the life of floors, reducing the need for costly upgrades or further deep cleaning.

5. Clean out your machines and tools frequently. Auto scrubbers can be damaged by ice melt residue and bacteria building up inside. Disinfecting commonly used tools such as mops, buckets, and squeegees is even more important in winter due to the soil and compounds that can build up on them.

If you have any specific cleaning questions or aren’t sure of the right product to use for your winter floor care, reach out to our team of cleaning specialists. We will gladly help you find the right product for your needs.

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