Source: cleaninup

Cause: Finish applied too thinly

Solution: Coat floors with more floor finish on a wax applicator mop. Slow down the stroke as the finish is laid on the floor. Use a “painting” stroke rather than a “spreading” stroke to work the finish into the floor. Follow our applying floor finish procedure to achieve great results with a smooth, even finish.

Cause: Recoated before previous coat was completely dry

Solution: Burnish to remove streaks. If the streaks do not burnish out, restrip and recoat. Make sure each coat of finish is dry before applying an additional coat or burnishing. Finish smaller areas at one time. Edging long aisles then coating the middle may cause the edge towards the end of the aisle to streak or haze because the finish has started to set along the edge.

Cause: Dirty mop or equipment

Solution: Always make sure to use clean mops, and rinsed out mop buckets and wringerswhen applying finish. If there is any stripping solution, degreaser or soap residue left in the mop bucket, this can ruin the floor finish before it is even applied to the floor. If any foreign material is introduced to the finish, it will cure correctly on your floor.

Cause: Frozen floor finish

Solution: If your floor finish or wax froze upon delivery or while in storage, you will need to replace it with new product. If you have already applied it to the floor, you'll need to strip the area immediately, rinse well with neutral cleaner and water, then reapply the finish with your new product. Once any type of finish is frozen, it cannot successfully be applied to your floor.

Other Possible Floor Finish Problems: