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Be a Part of Thank Your Cleaner Day

Thank Your Cleaner Day will be celebrated this year on October 17th, 2018 in eight participating countries, including the United States. It’s a day dedicated to all cleaners who work hard to keep our workplaces, homes and buildings clean and safe. Here are some ways you can participate...

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10/15/18 2:11 PM


Posted in The News
By Ashley Nalepka
The Clean

History of the Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner is a ubiquitous tool in the cleaning industry evolving from a simple pump action tool to a fully electronic and often robotic device. It has cleaned its way through households and serviced those in commercial settings. For its 157th birthday, let’s have a look back at the invention and history of the vacuum....

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10/12/17 3:31 PM


Posted in The Clean
By Jim Butch
The Goods

Omnia OM1 Series Sprays

The CEO of a cleaning product company doesn't wake up with the idea of pouring some new liquid into a bottle and selling it tomorrow. A good spray takes years of research to develop the right mixture. Take a look at how Nyco Products and Eastman Chemical Company, creators of the new OM1 Series, formulated a molecule in the lab when the molecules on the market just weren't doing the job.

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2/20/15 8:53 AM


Posted in The Goods
By Scott Bellile

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