Rotary machines or Floor Buffers are arguably the most commonly used tool in the janitorial industry. The simplicity of the rotary machine is very likely part of its appeal. The rotary machine is literally a motor on a stick. There are some important variables to consider when selecting the best rotary scrubber for your purposes. Check out the features and potential reasons you might want some of them for your jobs.

Rotary Machine Buyers Guide

Available Features:

  • Size Options – We offer machines as small as 12” in diameter all the way up to 20” in diameter. Smaller units are able to get into smaller areas but will not finish off large areas as quickly as a larger machine will. The choice can be made by considering where the largest volume of work will need to be done.

  • Dual or Single Capacitor – Single capacitor machines save money on the initial building costs of machines. Dual capacitor machines are generally more durable since there are two capacitors regulating the flow of electricity through the motor.

  • Dual Speed – These machines offer a low speed and a higher speed setting. These won’t replace the super high speed of a burnisher, but they offer a more aggressive setting for better scrubbing and faster buffing.

  • Optional weights – Some machines offer optional weights that can be added in order to strip floors or buff wood or marble floors more effectively.

  • Rotary or Orbital Movement – Rotary machines have the classic side-to-side motion, while orbital units can be moved in straight lines. Both types of machines can be used for low speed buffing, scrubbing and stripping. Some units from both types can be used to scrub carpets as well.

  • Circular – Circular shaped machines have round pad drives and use circular shaped pads. Most of these units are rotary style.

  • Rectangular – Rectangular machines use orbital movement and are able to cut straight lines and get into corners.

  • Enclosed Motors – Some units have enclosed motors that are necessary if the unit will be used for sanding. The enclosure prevents dust from entering the motor and damaging it.

  • Explosion Proof – These units are higher priced, but needed for situations where fine dust is present such as bakeries and pharmaceutical labs. They prevent explosions or fires from occurring inside the motor due to exposure to fine dust.

While the circular, rotary-style, 17” machine is by far the most popular rotary machine we sell, the large number of options we offer provides assurance that we’ll have the right tool for every job you might encounter.