Submitted by Anna in Michigan:

Hotel bodily fluids

I worked at a hotel cleaning rooms, bathrooms, etc. There was a guest once that stayed for several days but vocally refused to let the cleaning staff in his room to clean or change the sheets. Though this usually wouldn’t cause suspicion, there was a noticeable smell coming from the room. After four or five days, he walked across the street to the gas station to buy beer, and on his return trip collapsed in the parking lot. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital. When the cleaning staff entered the hotel room he had been staying in, the smell of fecal matter and bodily fluids was overwhelming. It was one of the most disgusting and down-right scary scenes I’ve ever seen. Besides the smell, the carpets were covered with feces, vomit and what looked like a tar-like substance. The bed was also covered in the same substances, and there was a trail of it from the bed to the bathroom. In the bathroom, it looked as if something vile had exploded as there was feces and more bodily fluids covering the toilet, floor and even on the walls. From what we could tell, the man had been “sick” nearly his entire stay at the hotel as much of the excrement was soaked in and dried on the carpet, bed and walls. Several attempts were made to clean the carpets, but ultimately they needed to be replaced, as did the mattress on the bed and the walls cleaned and repainted.

On a side note, it was reported the man that was staying in the room had some sort of internal bleeding or something of that nature, and we were told that if he had not collapsed in the parking lot and gotten the medical attention he did that day, he would have died within a day or two because his medical issues were so severe. After seeing the state of that room, I have no doubt that was true.


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