It’s one of my favorite times of year! First it’s Thanksgiving--turkey and stuffing and pie, oh my! Then it’s Christmas with even more delicious meals plus lots of homemade cookies, bars and other holiday treats. Finally, the season is rounded out with New Years parties with smorgasbords of hors d'oeuvres vast enough to stuff myself well into the next year. All of these gatherings also include a wide variety of holiday drinks like coffee, soda and wine (and possibly other drinks to be enjoyed by those over 21 years of age!).

Holiday Stains

Throughout the holiday season, there is one thing all of these gathering locations have in common—SPILLS! STAINS! And the dreaded “What is THAT ground into my carpet?!” Don’t worry, CleanFreak has both directions and a spot guide for many of your holiday stains:

  • Stain Removal Guide - A list of many common stains (candle wax, coffee, gravy, pet stains, wine, etc.) and the chemicals best suited to remove them.

Pet Safety this Holiday Season

And since my family includes kids of the furry kind, here are some tips to protect your pets this holiday season...

"Watch that Turkey!" and Other Thanksgiving Tips*

It's a time for giving thanks, spending time with family and friends and enjoying food.  Lots of tasty food. While it's natural to want to share your bounty with your pets, it can also be dangerous.  Follow these tips to keep pets safe and healthy.

    • Safely dispose of the turkey wrapper, string and foil- the string that wraps or ties turkey's legs is often found and eaten by dogs and cats. Ingestion of these indigestible items can require life-saving surgery. Place string, aluminum foil, and turkey wrappers in a secure covered trash can.

    • Careful with table scraps and food. Too much can cause severe digestive problems. This is especially true with high-fat meals. Don't feed your pet the high-fat turkey skin and always steer clear of chocolate!

  • No bones!  Turkey and chicken bones splinter easily and can cause internal injuries if ingested. If you dispose of them in the trash, make sure the trash is secure from your pet.

* Source: Paws for News – Oshkosh Area Humane Society