Selecting an Autoscrubber

Choosing the a proper floor scrubber for your needs requires you to consider the machine's size, power input, design type, and intended use. Floor scrubbers come in many different sizes. The area of floor that needs to be scrubbed, should ultimately determine the size of the floor scrubber your operation needs. In general, larger commercial floor scrubbers are more expensive than the smaller versions.

All floor scrubbers are powered by either propane, a battery or a power cord. Both propane and battery-powered floor scrubbers will have forced periodic downtime, while batteries are charged or the propane tank is switched out. The main benefit to a plugged in, electric floor scrubber is that it has no downtime as it maintains a constant supply of power. Users will however, only be able to work as far away from the outlet as their power cord lets them, before plugging into the next outlet.

Floor scrubbers are available as walk-behind or riding types. The walk-behind models are controlled by an operator walking along with the machine, with the floor scrubbing doing most of the forward propelling action. The larger riding floor scrubbers are meant for large floor scrubbing jobs, especially since the equipment is very expensive in this size range.

When choosing the best machine for your needs, take time to evaluate the various flooring materials that the scrubber will be used on. Some floor scrubbers are more powerful than others, which can cause some damage on fragile floor types such as antique hardwood floors. Industrial floors, such as in manufacturing or warehouse environments, can handle the most powerful scrubbers for the fastest cleaning.

When using an auto scrubber, please follow our Instructions on How to Use an Auto Scrubber, as it will help you avoid common mistakes.