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Urinal Screens / Blocks

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  1. Big D 642 Cinnamon Vinyl Urinal Screens

    SKU: BIG-642
    Deodorizing Urinal Screen
    (12 urinal screens per case)
    Scent: Cinnamon
    Color: White
    (12 per case)

    List Price:$16.95

    Regular Price:$13.15

    (Price per piece: $1.10)

    As low as:$11.31

  2. Flat Urinal Screen - Melon Scent

    SKU: BIG-621
    • 10 urinal screens per case
    • Scent: Melon Mist
    • Color: Translucent
    (10 per case)

    List Price:$24.90

    Regular Price:$16.95

    (Price per piece: $1.70)

    As low as:$14.58

  3. Urinal Screen Calypso Lime Deodorizer

    SKU: BIG-622
    • 10 urinal screens per box
    • Scent: Calypso Lime
    • Color: Translucent
    (10 per box)

    List Price:$26.08

    Regular Price:$19.95

    (Price per piece: $2.00)

    As low as:$16.95

  4. Pee Pod Urinal Cleaning Block

    SKU: AIR-PP10
    • Cleans & deodorizes with each flush
    • Lasts for 2 to 3 months
    • Eliminates stains
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$20.98

    Regular Price:$17.98

    As low as:$12.59

  5. Big D 687 Non-Para Urinal Screen Block

    SKU: BIG-687
    • 12 urinal screens per case
    • Scent: Cinnamon
    (12 per case)

    List Price:$28.95

    Regular Price:$20.25

    (Price per piece: $1.69)

    As low as:$17.21

  6. Urinal Screen with Para Block

    • 12 urinal screens per case
    • Scent: Cherry
    (12 per case)
    Free Shipping:
    Anywhere in Continental US

    List Price:$27.95

    Regular Price:$23.42

    (Price per piece: $1.95)

    As low as:$20.61

  7. Cherry Urinal Blocks

    SKU: BIG-900
    • Deodorizing Urinal Block
    • 12 urinal blocks per case
    • Scent: Cherry
    (12 per case)

    List Price:$14.25

    Regular Price:$11.20

    (Price per piece: $0.93)

  8. Rubbermaid Commercial Ecobug Urinal Enzyme Tablet

    SKU: USC-RCP4870108EA
    Ecobug Urinal Enzyme Tablet, Citrus Scent
    Made in the USA:
    Supporting American Workers
    Free Shipping:
    Anywhere in Continental US

    List Price:$8.02

    Regular Price:$7.87

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8 Item(s)

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