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Mop Frames & Accessories

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  1. 18 inch Quick Change Dust Mop Frame

    SKU: OCE-96118
    • Great for 18" wax applicator mops
    • Rust resistant
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$6.75

    Regular Price:$4.50

    As low as:$3.83

  2. 24 inch Wet Microfiber Mopping Frame

    SKU: OCE-96951
    • Holds one 24" microfiber flat mop
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$26.46

    Regular Price:$17.64

    As low as:$14.99

  3. 18 inch Flat Microfiber Mop Frame

    SKU: OCE-96948
    • Holds one 18" microfiber flat mop
    • Aluminum
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$19.98

    Regular Price:$13.32

    As low as:$11.72

  4. 60 inch Dusting and Dry Mop Frame

    SKU: OCE-96160
    • Great for dust mopping wide open areas
    • Rust resistant
    • Fits 60" dust mops
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$15.27

    Regular Price:$10.18

    As low as:$8.65

  5. 48 inch Push Dust Mopping Frame

    SKU: OCE-96148
    • Great for school gymnasiums and hallways
    • Rust resistant
    • Fits 48" dust mops
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$12.69

    Regular Price:$8.46

    As low as:$7.19

  6. 36 inch Floor Dusting Mop Frame

    SKU: OCE-96136
    • Great for supermarket aisles
    • Rust resistant
    • Fits 36" dust mops
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$10.10

    Regular Price:$6.76

    As low as:$5.75

  7. 24 inch Quick Change Dust Mop Frame

    SKU: OCE-96124
    • Great for dust mopping bathrooms
    • Rust resistant
    • Fits 24" dust mops
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$7.71

    Regular Price:$5.14

    As low as:$4.37

  8. Backpack Floor Finish Refillable Bags

    SKU: GEE-4560
    • 6 bags per case
    • 1.5 gallon bags
    (6 bags per case)

    List Price:$83.00

    Regular Price:$59.29

    (Price per piece: $9.88)

    As low as:$52.18

  9. Chemical Applicator Clean Out Fitting

    SKU: GEE-4561
    • Great for cleaning out applicator
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$71.00

    Regular Price:$50.71

    As low as:$44.62

  10. Geerpres Chemical Refill Stand

    SKU: GEE-4555
    • Comes w/ 6 refill bags
    • Used for refilling
    (Sold Individually)

    List Price:$166.00

    Regular Price:$118.57

    As low as:$104.34

List Grid 

Items 1 to 10 of 12

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