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CleanFreak 'Performer 24' Wide Area Floor Scrubber


Fast Facts Fast Facts

  • Pad drivers, batteries, & charger included
  • 24" battery auto scrubber
  • 19 gallon solution / 20 gallon recovery

- OR -
This 24" walk behind scrubber comes with two 12" pad drivers (please see the warning below) and is an industrially rated machine that will cover wide areas in a small amount of time. Scrub pads and/or brushes need to be purchased separately depending on the type of floor you'll be cleaning. The 19 gallon solution tank ensures you will have plenty of solution to scrub the widest areas, and be able to continue without stopping to refill. This is the only 24" scrubber on the market that is a brush driven model.
Hard Surface Floor Scrubber Package


Fast Facts Fast Facts

  • 1 - 20" Hard Floor Scrubbing Machine
  • 1 - 20" Aggressive Grit Scrub & Strip Brush
  • 2 - Case of Super Concentrated Blue Floor Cleaner
  • 6 - Quarts of Defoaming Agent
  • 2 - Yellow 2-Sided Wet Floor Signs
  • 1 - Nylon Brush - FREE
  • 1 - Rear Squeegee Blade - FREE
  • 1 - Front Squeegee Blade - FREE
  • 1 - Case of Red Light Duty Scrubbing Pads - FREE
  • 1 - Case of Blue Medium Duty Scrubbing Pads - FREE

- OR -
This package was built with end user in mind. It contains everything you could possibly need to scrub any type of hard flooring. 2 different styles of pads, and 2 different styles of brushes are included to scrub smooth, as well as uneven floors. We also include defoamer for the recovery tank to protect your vacuums motors, and a super concentrated general cleaning solution for your floors. To make sure your machine is always recovering at 100%, the standard squeegee blades can be used on all 4 edges, but we also throw in a replacement set so your extended maintenance costs stay low.
Compact Battery Micro Auto Scrubber


Fast Facts Fast Facts

  • Nylon brush included with machine
  • 15" battery auto scrubber
  • 3.5 gallon solution / 3.5 gallon recovery

- OR -
This compact automatic floor scrubber is one of the most affordable battery operated auto scrubbers on the market, and it runs for up to 2 hours on a full charge! You can't beat this machine's combination of portablity and affordability. It can literally clean and go into places where you never thought it possible for an auto scrubber to go. Comes with a nylon brush, batteries, and an on-board charger.
Compact Walk Behind Floor Scrubber


Fast Facts Fast Facts

  • Brushes & 15" snub nose cord included
  • 13" electric cylindrical auto scrubber
  • 1 gallon solution / 0.4 gallon recovery

- OR -
This electric powered machine is perhaps the most versatile units of the cylindrical floor and grout scrubbers we have to offer. It can easily be converted to a self-contained extractor for cleaning carpets. It is best to be used in a hard floor situation, but can also scrub carpet. It is the absolutely perfect scrubber for smaller areas like; tile bathrooms, kitchens, hospital rooms, food-service, rubber-studded floors and other hard-to-clean surfaces. The low profile head can reach underneath those hard to reach areas where other scrubber just can't go. With a cleaning rate of 3,775 square feet per hour, you can clean areas in no time, that took you hours to do before.

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