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*Note: Water boils at 212° Fahrenheit, which would be considered steam. No standard carpet cleaning machine will actually achieve that amount of heat. Water that hot will actually harm your carpet over time. Optimum cleaning temperature for carpets is between 150° to 180° F, and the correct term is hot water carpet extraction. Take a look at our vapor steam cleaning machines, if you truly need something that produces steam for cleaning.

Trusted Clean Ultimate heated carpet extractor

Heats to: 170° F.

Heated Carpet Box Extractor

The Ultimate heated carpet steam cleaner is actually considered a hot water extractor. It combines power and a large capacity with a size and weight that make it ideal for a single operator. With a 100 PSI pump, dual vacuum motors, and an external heater, this model delivers the ultimate in cleaning. It leaves carpets clean and dry in a record amount of time.

**Gold Medal Winning Extractor**
Regular Price: $2442.00
Sale Price: $1689.00
  3-Speed stackable air mover
As low as $152.43, when ordering in bulk!!

Stackable 3-Speed Air Mover

The Trusted Clean air mover covers the widest possible area for quick drying after using one of the box extractors or self-contained carpet scrubbers that we offer. It has a powerful 1/2 HP motor, stacks for storage, and comes with a 25' power cord. These attributes allow you to quickly dry carpeting or other damp areas. Take a look at our complete line of carpet blowers for more powerful units.

Regular Price: $243.00
Sale Price: $167.50

Carpet Steamer: 200 PSI adjustable pump carpet steam cleaner

Heats to: 170° F.

Adjustable Pump Carpet Steamer

At 17 gallons and with a 200 PSI pump, this adjustable pump carpet steam cleaner is one of the most powerful units we have to offer. It outperforms nearly every competitor on carpeting, yet is versatile enough to detail upholstery and car interiors, because of it's adjustable pump. We offer a complete line of upholstery tools for this machine as well.

Regular Price: $2623.00
Sale Price: $1940.00
  U.S. Products HydraPort 100 heated automotive & upholstery detailer

Heats to: 212° F.

Heated Automotive Detailer

The U.S. Products HydraPort 100 is the perfect hot water steam extractor. It cleans carpets and upholstery effortlessly. Comes standard with a 15' hose & 12" single jet carpet wand for cleaning larger carpeted areas in vehicles, like RVs. With 100 PSI and 137" of water lift, you can not beat the power and portability of this unit. All handheld detail tools are sold separately.

Regular Price: $2175.80
Sale Price: $1864.97

Carpet Steamers Package: Heated basic carpet steam cleaning machine
Free Stair Tool!!
Worth $92.00!!

Heats to: 170° F.

Heated Basic Carpet Cleaning Package

Here is a complete package for steam cleaning any commercial or residential carpet. This package comes complete and will make you look like a professional. It contains all the necessary supplies to clean in nearly every situation. This package comes with a heated box extractor, an air mover, a case of carpet cleaning chemicals, and a FREE stair tool.

**Gold Medal Winning Package**
Regular Price: $2879.95
Sale Price: $2014.45
Package Price: $1922.45
  Trusted Clean Maximum heated carpet extractor

Heats to: 170° F.

150 PSI Heated Carpet Extractor

At 17 gallons, this carpet steam cleaner machine offers maximum performance at a minimum price. With a 17 gallon solution and recovery tank, it can handle even the largest jobs, with no problem what-so-ever. Less filling and dumping means more cleaning time, making your time more effective and efficient. Leave your customers' carpets drier, faster! Not only will this extractor make you more efficient, but it will also make you more money!

Regular Price: $3087.00
Sale Price: $2129.00

Commercial carpet steam cleaner with external powerhead
Upholstery Tool!!
Worth $163.00!!

Heats to: 170° F.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Package w/ External Powerhead

(1 heated extractor w/ powerhead, 1 air mover, 1 upholstery tool, 1 stair tool, 1 pre-spray wand & 1 stair wand)

A complete package for the start-up business or the established professional. This package comes with every tool you could possibly need. Just add carpet chemicals and this package is complete.

**Gold Medal Winning Package**
Regular Price: $4117.95
Sale Price: $2967.80
Package Price: $2804.80
  U.S. Products 200 PSI adjustable pump heated carpet extractor

Heats to: 212° F.

Heated 200 PSI Carpet Extractor

This two corded steam cleaner combines absolute portability with performance. The 200 PSI pump has an adjustable pressure for deep cleaning in carpet, and upholstery cleaning. The 2000 watt inline heater will provide as close to 212° F water, as a machine will allow. The powerful 3-stage vacuum motor, and the low moisture system, which allows .8 gallons per minute output, provide some of the quickest drying times in the industry.

Regular Price: $2801.40
Sale Price: $2401.20

Sandia Sniper steam carpet cleaner

Heats to: 195° F.

Sandia Sniper Heated Extractor

The Sandia Sniper steam cleaner is one of our most dependable heated box style carpet extractors. Supplying high heat along with high suction, the Sniper cleans large areas effectively, making it a great buy. Innovative air intakes use the vacuum's own cooling fan to pull cool outside air over the vacuum motors. Unit must be run on 2 separate circuits with the heater running.

Regular Price: $2458.00
Sale Price: $1755.00
  U.S. Products HydraPort 400 adjustable PSI extractor for deep restorative carpet cleaning

Heats to: 212 ° F.

Adjustable PSI Heated Carpet Extractor

The HydraPort 400 is the ultimate machine for the service industry. It has a maximum output of 400 PSI, for deep restorative carpet cleaning, and a minimum of 50 PSI for quick and efficient upholstery cleaning. The extractor will draw about 29 amps with everything running, so it must be run on 2 separate circuits. Onboard circuit locator comes standard.

Regular Price: $3171.70
Sale Price: $2718.60
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